We believe that high quality information is indispensable for high quality care. Our role is to facilitate well informed decision making. To achieve this, we provide management information solutions like costing, software and consultancy. Because each and every health institution has its own patients, characteristics, methods, and procedures, we always work together with our clients, and develop our solutions in co-creation.

This figure, the ‘Tetris’, represents our vision towards management information in healthcare.
It consists of eight elements, elements on which any hospital in our vision would like to have decent information. Information about questions as: is the care provided in an efficient manner? Do we record everything we do well? Are we getting funded well for the work we do?

Often, this information is not linked, whereas integration and linking of this information can really add value to have a holistic view on the organization’s performance. It also creates transparency between the multiple stakeholders in, and around hospitals. It creates ‘one language’: information for clinician, financial and management from one source. Our mission is to focus on assisting hospitals in integrating all this information to allow decision making and to provide as high quality care as possible.

If you have any questions, or would like to get more information, please get in touch!


Performation commits herself to make use of the best available technology in the market. Security and performance are key to success. Therefore we have chosen for an IT partner who offers Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). With their platform, our strategic partner Uniserver provides the best available hardware to use in their Private Cloud solution. With 110 virtual servers in the datacenter we are able to focus on our core business which is providing patient level costing and benchmarking products that improve processes and outcomes for successful hospital productivity. Storage, CPU and memory can be added on the fly to meet the ever growing demands on the performance and storage needs.

Some facts:

  • our develop and production servers have a capacity of over 30TerraByte containing (anonymized) hospital data.
  • our main host uses 768GB RAM to process and present the data on our portal
  • fully compliant with NEN7510 and all our data is stored within Dutch datacenters
  • as a Microsoft gold partner we are committed to use the latest software and (security) patches
  • our team is monitoring 24/7 all our ICT to meet the SLA for our customers
  • back-ups are placed in a separate datacenter conform the NEN7510 / ISO 27002.

If you have any questions, or would like to get more information, please get in touch!